All walkers are briefed before the walk not to walk alone.

Walkers under 18 must have consent from a parent or guardian to walk, and an emergency contact number must be given on the young person’s registration form.

Walkers under 16 are only permitted to walk in the care of a responsible adult. The adult must be named on the young person’s registration form.

If a young person is injured during the walk then the responsible adult must remain with the young person until appropriate help arrives or is provided.

If the young person is under 16 then a responsible adult must stay with the injured walker until appropriate help arrives or is provided. If at this point the friend wishes to continue the walk, they should not continue alone.

Conditions of entry…

The organisers of the Sheffield Night Hike reserve the right to cancel the walk because of inclement weather or for other reasons.

While they take all reasonable precautions for the safety and welfare of participants, including insurance cover, they accept as walkers only those who agree to come in their private capacity and entirely at their own risk and who comply with the following conditions:

– Obey the marshalls in all matters.

– To walk between the official ‘First Walker’ and ‘Last Walker’. (This is not a run.)

– Do not collect any money during the Hike.

Follow the Countryside Code:

– Leave no litter.

– Follow the paths.

– Keep dogs under effective control, on a lead and clean up after them.